Full of ritual! Guoen Chemical carries out colorful activities to welcome "March 8" International Women's Day
Time:2023-03-09 10:10:09
Spring in March is full of vitality, female roses show elegant demeanour. In order to enrich the majority of female workers' spare time life, improve aesthetic quality and aesthetic ability, enhance enterprise cohesion, actively create a good atmosphere of respect for women, care for women, this afternoon, Rizhao Guen Chemical Co., Ltd. to carry out "38" women's Day series activities.
Blooming youth and vigorous progress style
At the activity site, everyone picked up the materials in their hands and placed various dried flowers on the blank fan surface for modeling design. From composition, color matching, and adhesive production, they carried on with each other in an orderly manner and communicated with each other. The atmosphere was very active.




A team member starts from the side with the paper table tennis cup, picks up the table tennis ball at the fastest speed, and then puts it on the chopsticks of his teammates, who then sends the table tennis ball to the empty paper cup with chopsticks. The team with the fastest speed will win if the table tennis ball is delivered within the specified time. Everyone in line with the principle of "friendship first, competition second" to carry out the activity, the scene of laughter and laughter, the atmosphere is very warm.



The event lasted for more than two hours amid laughter and laughter. The event not only made women have a happy and meaningful festival, but also promoted women's organizational influence and reunion power. After the event, the company also specially prepared exquisite small gifts for the female workers.



Through the celebration of the "March Eighth" Women's Day series of activities, enriched the corporate cultural life, enhance the sense of belonging, happiness, encourage the female employees to actively participate in the construction of corporate culture, give full play to the role of "half the sky", strive to be outstanding women in the new era.

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