Assisting the high-quality development of enterprises, Rizhao Gon Chemical established a trade union
Time:2023-04-19 13:46:33

1. Opening with the National Anthem

The meeting opened with the solemn national anthem, and Zhang Tianzhi read out the approval of the District Federation of Trade Unions on agreeing to establish the Trade Union Committee of Rizhao Gon Chemical Co., Ltd.


2. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Trade Union Law, the Trade Union Constitution, and the Provisional Regulations on the Election Work of Grassroots Organizations of Trade Unions, Comrade An Hongmei read out the election methods, the recommended list of scrutineers, singers, and counters, as well as the list of candidates for the first Trade Union Committee, Economic Review Committee, and Women's Workers' Committee.

After careful consideration by all members, 5 members of the trade union committee were elected by difference, 3 members of the fund review committee and 3 members of the female employee committee were elected equally.

(Photos: invoice, voting, counting, and singing)

The entire election process, including full supervision by representatives, on-site voting, centralized voting, and on-site reading of election results, reflects the principles of legality, fairness, standardization, and transparency in the election.

(Photo: Announcing Election Results)


The first democratic election of all committee members of the trade union

Chairman of the First Trade Union Committee: Liu Huabin

Candidates for trade union committee members: Li Qiang, An Hongmei, Wang Yan, Zhu Mengjie, Zhang Qiang,Chen Li,Feng Yanyan

Election of specialized committees

Director of the First Labor Union Funding Review Committee: Feng Yanyan

Members of the Fee Review Committee: Chen Li and Liu Na

Chairman of the First Women Workers' Committee of the Trade Union: Chen Li

Members of the Women Workers' Committee: Xin Lingling, Ding Congcong

The newly elected union chairman Liu Huabin made a statement on how to do a good job in union work. For self construction, he stated that he will strengthen learning, lead by example, apply what he has learned, and improve work standardization; Based on their own duties, take the lead in taking action, and mobilize and mobilize employees to work diligently, love their job, and be dedicated to their work through practical actions; Starting from the perspective of employees, enhancing public awareness and perspectives, and using the spirit of craftsmanship as a benchmark to promote innovation and brilliance in trade union work, we will explore a new path for trade union work under the modern enterprise system.


General Manager Ren Minming stated that in the future, Rizhao Gon will enhance political awareness, strengthen ideological education for employees, continuously improve the ability of trade union organization and construction, actively cultivate a new era of industrial workers, strengthen face-to-face communication with employees, point-to-point contact, and provide thoughtful services, so that they can have more sense of gain, happiness, and security in the Gon family.

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