Rizhao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau evaluated the independent evaluation of our filing application
Time:2023-06-25 13:46:47

On the afternoon of June 13th at 3 o'clock, Shen Fasheng, a member of the Party Group of the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and members Su Zhixun, Tenglin, and Zhang Jinhai came to the company to evaluate the independent evaluation of the company's application and filing. General Manager Ren Minming, Production Manager Cao Yanfeng, and Director of Human Resources Su Yucheng attended the reception investigation team.

The investigation team conducted on-site review and evaluation of the self evaluation and filing materials for the application of skilled talents by the enterprise. Subsequently, accompanied by company leaders, the investigation team conducted on-site inspections to inspect the theoretical site and skill operation facilities and equipment, and communicated with relevant personnel of the enterprise.


Since the joint efforts of multiple departments in Rizhao to promote the independent evaluation of enterprise skilled talents, Lanshan District has actively carried out the promotion of independent evaluation through town mobilization, online dissemination, and face-to-face interpretation to enterprises. For enterprises with demand, adhering to the concept of service first, we further optimize the process of independent evaluation of enterprise filing and application, provide one-time information on the required materials, and explain the service content that can be provided during the enterprise application process, reducing the workload of enterprise application. Through evaluation, we provide a series of services for enterprises, including professional standards, question bank construction, and training textbook subscription, to maximize the convenience of enterprise evaluation and application work, effectively shorten the time for enterprise filing and application, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprise application.

The independent evaluation of enterprise skilled talents is to accelerate the transformation of government functions, delegate power to the main body of employment, fully leverage the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, and stimulate the vitality of market entities. It can fully solve the problems of the lack of evaluation carriers for skilled talents and the urgent need for follow-up in evaluation work after the vocational qualifications of level evaluation skilled personnel withdraw from the national vocational qualification catalog. It is understood that Rizhao will continue to strengthen the independent evaluation of enterprises, unblock the development channel of skilled talents, and strive to form a good situation where everyone is eager to become a talent, everyone strives to become a talent, everyone can become a talent, and everyone can make full use of their talent.

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